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  Group Structure

Group Structure

Group Structure

The VHV Group is a group of companies that act as independent experts specialized in clearly defined market segments.

VHV Holding AG controls the strategic development and focus of the Group. As a mutual insurance company, VHV can, in the long-term, concentrate exclusively on the interests of its customers and sales partners.

In Germany, each of the companies operates under the “VHV Versicherungen” and “Hannoversche” brands, and in Austria as “VAV Versicherungen”. In Turkey the group operates as the “VHV Reasürans AS”.

VHV solutions GmbH provides operational services internally, while the WAVE Management AG is the financial services provider of the group.

VHV Versicherungen

are a specialist insurer for the construction industry and an important motor and third-party liability insurer. The company is one of Germany’s largest groups of non-life insurance providers. With over 14,000 brokers, it offers its customers optimum insurance solutions tailored to their individual needs at a reasonable price.


is Germany’s most experienced direct insurer. The company has been offering its services on the market since 1875 as a trusted specialist in insurance, pension plans and wealth management products. Good products at low prices have been the company’s strategy and the basis for its success ever since. The company is also a direct seller of motor vehicle and homeowners insurance products.

VAV Versicherungen

are a successful provider of non-life insurance in the Austrian market. VAV offers its products through independent brokers and enjoys a reputation as an insurer to the construction industry and a major provider of motor vehicle insurance.
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VHV solutions GmbH

is the Group’s central service company, bringing together all contract processing and claims settlement processes under one roof.


is the VHV Group’s capital investments company. WAVE is characterized by excellent expertise in the stability and safety-oriented investments.