The VHV Group is a group of companies that act as independent experts specialized in clearly defined market segments.

VHV Holding AG controls the strategic development and focus of the Group. As a mutual insurance company, VHV can, in the long-term, concentrate exclusively on the interests of its customers and sales partners. 

In Germany, each of the companies operates under the “VHV Versicherungen” and “Hannoversche” brands, and in Austria as “VAV Versicherungen”. In Turkey the group operates as the “VHV Reasürans AS”.

VHV solutions GmbH provides operational services internally, while the WAVE Management AG is the financial services provider of the group.


The VHV Group is a successful group of specialists in insurance, pension and wealth management products. Its customers and sales partners are at the heart of the VHV Group’s strategy. The VHV Group is organized as an mutual insurance company. This structure gives the Group scope to develop and implement strategies for the long term, without its corporate activities having to be guided by a short-term shareholder value.
The VHV Group intends to operate in the market in a more flexible and customer-focused way than its competitors by adhering to a continual improvement process. The Group is characterized by modern structures, clearly defined market segments, an efficient cost management and customer-focused, high-performing products. Customers and sales partners benefit from products and consultancy offering a very good price-performance ratio.

Culture and Values

Common Values

At the heart of our corporate culture is the identification of all employees with common values that bring them together to form a community: respect, honesty and fairness form the basis of our interpersonal skill set. Courage and ambition are the key values in our dealings with customers and sales partners.

Corporate Culture and Corporate Principles

The company promotes the individual responsibility of its employees and an ethos of constructive cooperation, in which a focus on performance and results shapes actions. All decisions are guided by the customers’ needs and the aim of delivering the best possible service to customers and sales partners.

The VHV Group is proud of its employees. Every single one of them is highly skilled and motivated, because they identify themselves with the company, its aims and its culture. This bolsters the competitiveness of the company and its brands, making the VHV Group a reliable and attractive commercial partner for its customers and sales partners.