Managing risks for people and companies is part of our identity. We are a proficient, dependable partner in the areas of insurance, pensions, and wealth. Our consistent strategic vision, built on the one hand on tradition and experience while forward-looking and focused on new goals on the other, gives us our strong foundation.

The companies in the VHV Group are specialized experts operating independently in clearly defined market segments. VHV Holding SE controls the Group’s strategic development and focus. To this day, we have maintained our legal form as a mutual.

The VHV Group is organized as a mutual insurance out of conviction. That means that with us, it is not a question of short-term shareholder value and the greatest possible benefit to third parties but of lasting customer focus and product quality for policyholders as well as reliability as an employer driven by values. Modern, lean structures, clearly defined spheres of business, outstanding customer service and efficient cost management are the secrets of our success.



Our Goals

At a time of increasing competition, we would like to secure our future as a sound insurance company and reliable employer. To do so, we are expanding our excellent market position in each market on a sustainable basis, with clearly defined goals:

Focus on Customers and Brokers

Our customers are at the heart of our work. They frequently take their insurance decisions with a consultant, and agents are therefore as important to us as customers.

Reinforcing Financial Strength 

Securing and expanding our equity makes us stronger and more independent for future growth and immune to crisis: in the market, versus the competition and for our customers.

Long-term Growth

The steady expansion of our market shares through above-average growth is a prerequisite of a competitive product range and lasting jobs.

Culture & Values

For us as an employer, shared values are a crucial foundation for a good, long-term working relationship with our employees. Everyone working in the VHV Group identifies with our company, our goals and our company culture. Each one of us stands up for our common values. Values which go without saying in our dealings with customers, distribution partners and are equally important in our management culture.

Common Management Culture and Shared Principles for Action:

At the heart of our company culture is the fact that all our employees identify with our shared values which unite them in a community. Respect, honesty and fairness form the basis of our social proficiency. Courage and ambition are the core values in our dealings with customers and distribution partners – this is how we want to be better than our competitors.

We are proud of our employees. Of every single one in the VHV Group. We let them feel our appreciation every day. We encourage initiative and create an atmosphere of constructive teamwork. As a large insurance company, our actions are naturally determined by our performance-related, results-driven focus. All our decisions are based on the needs of our customers and our desire to offer the best possible service to them and our distribution partners. For the future of the VHV Group means striving for improvement through change.

Our Demand for Sustainability

We work tirelessly on improving our environmental footprint through the efficient use of resources and by employing technologies that are as eco-friendly as possible. In the process, we take account of current developments surrounding our company but also the expectations and needs of our employees, customer and distribution partners